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  • OCULUS QUEST 2 has become the most popular vr headset!
    Virtual reality is made up of computer-simulated environments specifically designed to make you feel like you are there. Virtual reality has recently become familiar with the rise in Virtual Reality headsets, especially for Oculus Quest 2 Virtual reality is one of the most interesting ways to explore or play games. How many people are searching […]
  • Who Else Is Excited For Kirby And The Forgotten Land? Poyo!
    Who else is excited for the new Kirby forgotten land game? Every Kirby fan that’s who! The beloved Pink boy, Kirby is set to venture into a new 3D world in 2022. The game will be released by Nintendo for their Switch console and mark the seventeenth installment of its mainline series! This will be […]
  • Nintendo Switch OLED release date, price, specs, and is it 4K?
    The Nintendo Switch OLED is the Pro model The Nintendo Switch OLED is the third variant of Nintendo’s hybrid console the switch, and will be sold alongside the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.   Nintendo revealed the new console on July the 6th on its official Twitter account. Nintendo Switch OLED specs align with some […]

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